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The faculty at the Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies is dedicated to preparing future Montessori teachers with a deep grounding in Maria Montessori’s philosophy. We help to develop individuals who have a broader approach in the contemporary context of child development and educational thought.

Our faculty has over forty years of combined experience in early childhood education and the Montessori method.

MeherMeher van Groenou (Program Director), M.A., Montessori Education, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California. MSW from University of Michigan, A.M.S. Early Childhood Credential. Teacher since 1981 and Teacher-Trainer since 1986 in USA, Europe and India. TRN Mentor, researcher, author, and AMS workshop presenter. Founder of the Montessori School of Hayward and the Montessori School at Five Canyons.

Linda Rosas


Linda Rosas has been happily teaching with our center for the last four years.  Prior to this she was the owner of a Montessori preschool in her hometown of Vancouver Canada which she oversaw and taught in for 26 years.  Committed wholeheartedly to the Montessori philosophy Linda has seen the positive effects of the teaching in the lives of the more than 2000 children who were enrolled in her program. Linda has taught upcoming Montessori teachers in different places in the world and set up a Montessori classroom in a Canadian sponsored orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a pleasure for her to be able to share her love of children, her commitment to changing the world one child at a time and passion for the value of the Montessori approach with upcoming Montessori teachers.  When not teaching, Linda  spends time in Toronto with her grandchildren, travels extensively, seeks out new adventures in lifestyle and form , reads. Is learning to play the piano and spends many hours in the wonderful outdoors.

Irene BakerIrene Baker, MEd, holds both primary (ages 3-6) and elementary (ages 6-12) Montessori certifications and has taught at all three levels. She has been a Montessori teacher-trainer for both primary and elementary levels for over  20 years and taught at the Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies for 17 years. Irene has a gift for mentoring and guiding student interns through their internship year of teaching. She has presented workshops for teachers at schools and American Montessori Society national conferences. Her work with both students and teachers is infused with her passion for language, non-violent (compassionate) communication, nature, meditation, music, and poetry.

Julianne Golden

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